Another Peterson Shape 56 (9BC)

By Al Jones

For the 2nd time in less than one year, I found yet another Peterson Shape 56.  Last year, I discovered this shape, which was a bit of a puzzle.  It looked nearly identical to my favorite Peterson shape, the 9BC.  Thanks to some pipe sleuthing by Steve Laug, we learned that the shape 56 was indeed the Canadian version of the 9BC.  The Canadian importer, Genin, Trudeau & Co. used their own unique numbering system.   Full details for that first Shape 56 can be found at this blog entry:

One definite point of difference between the two shapes is that the shape 56 has a more slender profile of the stem near the button.  I’ve learned to prefer this slimmer profile.

This one was also a Kapruff and it had a splash of grain on one side.  The pipe was in very good shape.  The stem had light oxidation, the P stamp was deeply impressed and it was nearly bite free.  The briar was unblemised, including the bowl top and nomenclature.  There was only a slight hint of tobacco in the chamber and it looked well cared for.

The first step was to apply some white Gel nail polish to the P and the stem was set aside to dry for a day.  I used a piece of Micromesh to remove the excess nail polish.

There was no need to ream the pipe, so I used a piece of 320 grit paper on a reamer bit to clean up the bowl.  The pipe was soaked with alcohol and sea salt.  Following the soak, the stem was mounted and I started to remove the oxidation.  There was a small tooth indention on the underside of the button, which raised nicely with heat from a lighter flame.  The oxidation was removed with 800, 400, 1500 and 2000 grit wet paper.  The stem was buffed with White Diamond and Meguiars Plastic polish.

Below is the finished pipe.


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