Re-Discovering Brigham’s Canuck Line of Pipes and Rehabilitating Two Prototypes – Part III

Here is the final installment of Charles restoration of the two pipes from the Canuck Line of Brighams. Nice job on the restem!

Welcome to Part III of this series about a “lost” line of unfiltered Brigham pipes. This time, I’m working on the second of two Brigham “Canuck” prototype pipes circa 1940s or 1950s.

As I wrote about in Part I, the Canuck line was produced until the 1960s. Production pipes were fitted with a non-filtered Vulcanite stem with either a black anodized aluminum tenon or a screw tenon fitment similar to that used by Dr Grabow, Kaywoodie and others. The pipes were marked “Canuck” instead of “Brigham” to differentiate them from pipes fitted with the then-new Brigham System.

I managed to acquire two early Canuck prototype pipes. Last week’s post covered the rehabilitation of the Pot shaped pipe; this week, I’m working on the Bulldog. These pics show the pipe (top) as it looked when it first arrived in the workshop.


As you can see from the above pics, the pipe…

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