Rehabilitating Another Pre-Republic Peterson Shamrock

Great looking restoration by Charles and some helpful information on dating a Peterson pipe. Thanks Charles


A few weeks ago I wrote about restoring a Pre-Republic Peterson Shamrock Canadian; I acquired this Shape 120 Dublin at the same time.

This Shamrock was in about the same shape as its brother had been before I worked on it – dirty, with a heavily oxidized P-lip stem and a thick crust of lava covering the entire rim. The stem, showing a fair amount of tooth chatter and a few dents on and around the P-lip, was also stuck in the shank mortise with a quarter inch gap between the stem and shank faces.


The pipe is stamped “SHAMROCK” on the left shank. The right shank carries a circular “MADE IN IRELAND” stamp and a shape number, “120”. The nickel band is stamped with a large Shamrock over the faux hallmarks of Shamrock, Wolfhound and Tower.


A quick look on confirmed what I remembered from cleaning up the…

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