Comoy’s 237 Grand Slam Restoration

By Al Jones

This pipe was a couple of firsts for me. I’ve restored a number of Comoy’s bulldog shapes, but this is the first shape 237 that I’ve encountered. I’ve also had several “Grand Slam” pipes, but this was the first one that still had the patented filter apparatus.

The Grand Slam was introduced in 1933, and was in the Comoy’s catalog until the 1970’s. This one has the COM stamp of the latter years, from 1946-1981. Below is a catalog page for Grand Slam pipes from 1936.

The pipe appeared to have been heavily smoked, with a thick cake. Surprisingly, the stem had zero teeth marks and only a heavy layer of oxidation. The bowl had numerous dings and dents that would need to be removed. Below is the pipe as it was received.

After removing the stem, I discovered the original stinger apparatus which still included two leather washers. This pipe is stamped *7 and replacement washers were available in that size. The stinger was stuck fast in the tenon. I soaked it in a shot glass of alcohol, but that wasn’t enough to get it unscrewed. I was able to run some alcohol bristle cleaners down through the stem and that did finally allow the stinger to be unscrewed. Once the stinger was removed, the stem was soaked in a mild Oxy-Clean solution, with a dab of grease over the drilled C stem logo.

The build-up on the top of the bowl was removed with a worn piece of scotch-brite. I steamed out most of the dents around the bowl with an electric iron and a wet cloth. The bowl was then polished with White Diamond rouge and several coats of carnuba wax.

The stem was mounted and the initial layer of oxidation removed with 400 grit wet paper, followed by 800, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 grades. Next up was micromesh sheets in 8,000 and 12,000 grades. The stem was then buffed with White Diamond followed by Meguiars Plastic Polish.

Below is the finished pipe.



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