Replacing the Mortise & Tenon on a Sultan Carved Meerschaum

Charles did a great job of detailing the replacement of a push tenon set on a meerschaum. It is like a how to manual. Wanted to share it on rebornpipes. Thanks Charles

Today’s post is a bit different than usual; instead of a  complete restoration, I’m going to focus on a repair that is surely one of the most common when presented with a damaged meerschaum pipe – replacing a Push-Pull fitting, the small plastic/Delrin parts used to create a strong mortise and tenon joint between stem and shank. Before getting into the repair itself, let’s talk about meerschaum.

Meerschaum is an almost ideal material from which to carve pipes. It is highly heat resistant, lightweight and its porous nature allows for the absorption of water vapour and liquid tars created during the smoking process, leaving the smoke stream dry and cool. Meerschaum’s major limitation is durability. It is easily cracked.

Barring a drop onto a hard surface or other similar accident, a meerschaum pipe is most likely to crack at the shank where the material is typically the thinnest. Lateral force can…

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