An Internal Shank Repair for a Peterson Aran 50S Rustic Poker

I thought I would reblog this post by Charles as he clearly explains a method that I have used in shank repair. It is a method that provides an externally invisible repair of a cracked shank. Thanks Charles.

This pipe was sent to me for repairs recently. At first glance the Peterson Aran 50S Rustic Poker on my worktable looked to be in pretty good shape – the stem had a few tooth dents, but was not oxidized, and the stummel was clean. Even the deeply rusticated rim was free of lava deposits.


On the smooth bottom of the bowl, the pipe is stamped “Peterson” over “Aran”, then the COM stamp made up of “Made in the” over “Republic” over “Ireland”. The shape number, “50S” is stamped beside the COM.


Turning the pipe over to read the stamps, however, revealed a chuck of briar missing from the end of the shank. A crack stretched from the end of the missing chunk, through the peaks and valleys of the rustication, towards the bowl.


These closeup shots of the shank/stem face junction show how misaligned the stem had become due…

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