Freshening a Blatter One Dot Zulu

Great information here Charles. There is also a one dot green that is on early pipes made by the grandfather… I have one of those old timers and have been in correspondence with them regarding it. Well done on this pipe – it is a beauty!

I was recently sent a box of six pipes for refurbishment from a gentleman in Iqaluit, Nunavut. All six pipes were made by Blatter & Blatter, Inc of Montreal, known at one point in the firm’s 100 year history as Blatter Bros.

Established in Montreal in 1907, Blatter & Blatter has remained, by choice, a small, family-owned pipe producer, currently putting out about 300 pipes annually. The company website is very short on details – I believe that the Quebec advertising laws restrict the firm from posting pictures and pricing – but as far as grading of Blatter pipes goes, can help.

Blatter pipes are marked with one or two dots on the side of the stem. One red dot indicates a machine-made pipe in a classic shape; two red dots mark a completely hand made pipe, usually in the freehand style. A few pipes are marked with one…

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