A Birthday Pipe and a Pirate Curse

Great work on that Charles. Well done. That was the largest black stain I have seen. I too have used the bleach treatment and it does work. It is labour intensive however. Good job sticking it with it and conquering the mess.

“Step up, lad,” cried Silver. “I won’t eat you. Hand it over, lubber. I know the rules, I do; I won’t hurt a depytation.”

Thus encouraged, the buccaneer stepped forth more briskly, and having passed something to Silver, from hand to hand, slipped yet more smartly back again to his companions.

The sea-cook looked at what had been given him.

“The black spot! I thought so.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island

Stevenson’s Black Spot was the last thing a pirate captain wished to receive. I loved reading the story as a kid, but I never thought I’d have to deal with a dreaded Black Spot of my own restoring pipes.

This pipe belongs to a fellow pipe club member who contacted me to ask for help. He had been given a rather handsome Vauen Natura pipe as a gift for his 60th birthday and was in the process…

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