A Great 50th Anniversary of Tinderbox 1978 Catalogue

Blog by Steve Laug

This is one of the larger catalogues that picked up the other day. It is actually quite beautiful. I remember getting Tinderbox catalogues later in the 1980s and I would spend time pouring over them. I wanted to share this one with you all because of the memories it triggers for me. It is in full colour and is filled with pipes, tobacco, cigars and accessories. It is worth taking time to read through it and soak in the pics and the prices.

box1 box2 box3 box4 box5 box6 box7 box8 box9 box10 box11 box12 box13 box14 box15 box16 box17 box18 box19 box20 box21 box22 box23 box24 box25 box26 box27 box28 box29 box30 box31 box32 box33 box34 box35 box36 box37 box38 box39 box40 box41 box42 box43 box44 box45 box46 box47 box48 box49 box50 box51 box52

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