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Quick Cleanup of a Mastercraft Cigar Pipe Sparkless

I have yet to find one of these to restore but that one is a beauty – in an odd and unique sort of way. Nice work on it Charles.


The family got together this past Easter weekend, and soon after arriving, my oldest brother presented me with this peculiar object and a request for me to clean it up for him. Our father had a penchant for oddball pipes which he satisfied periodically with things like this torpedo-shaped take on the Zeppelin pipe, a 1920’s era invention intended to make it safe to smoke a pipe while travelling inside a Zeppelin filled with hydrogen gas. I rather doubt the design ever quite hit the target, but the idea was that the ember of burning tobacco was (almost) fully enclosed behind a steel nose cone spark arrestor, thus minimizing the risk of a stray spark setting off an explosion. Perhaps the inventor hadn’t heard that hydrogen is a gas……

According to this page at Pipephil.eu , this particular pipe was made by Mastercraft (thus the “M” stamped on the stem)…

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