The English Patient – Repair & Restoration of a 1918-1921 Dunhill Shell Briar

Charles just posted his work on this one on his blog. It is an old early Dunhill Shell. Some innovative techniques and some patient fussing brought an old wreck back to life. Well done.


An email pinged into my inbox a few weeks ago, sent by a fellow member of the Briars & Bull Pipe Club here in Kitchener. He had, he said, an old Dunhill pipe he’d like to have cleaned up, and would I be interested in tackling the project for him?

I said yes, of course, and soon after I had the patient in hand. The owner was right – it was an OLD Dunhill, though exaclty how old would take a bit of research. At first glance, the pipe looked good, but in the way that an old, well-worn tuxedo looks good – far from pristine, a bit thin at collar and cuffs, but still a great suit. Someone had given this old suit – er, I mean pipe – a brushing up. The stummel had been polished up, and the replacement stem showed a few tooth dents but fit well…

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