What the Heck is Brylon?? – A Yello Bole Standard Panel Billiard

These nearly indestructible pipe smoke hot at times but I have had friends who rant them through the dishwaher to clean them with no harm done.

Down near the bottom of my box of estate pipes to refurb was this Yello Bole Standard Brylon octagonal billiard. I had noticed the unique shape of the bowl when the auction lot arrived, but I figured I had better do some research before playing with this pipe too much.

According to Pipedia, Brylon was invented in 1966 by the S.M. Frank & Co Ltd as a cheap alternative to briar. Brylon consists of a resin material mixed with “wood flour” (aka sawdust). It’s heavier than briar, and can reputedly heat up considerably if smoked too quickly, but is practically immune to scratches, dents and other damage common to briar pipes.

This Yello Bole Brylon pipe came out of the refurb box in relatively good shape, a testament perhaps to the impervious qualities of its synthetic makeup. The pipe was dirty on the outside, of course, and had an uneven…

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