Showcasing A Linkman Deluxe 9732 Canadian

This old timer came out great. The new mouthpiece with the inset propeller looks original. This is a winner all the way around. Great partnership on this one Troy.

Baccy Pipes

About a year ago i was talking to Tim Pollock about pipes and mentioned i would like to start getting hold of some old KBB Yello Bole and Linkman Canadian’s. He told me that he had a old Linkman Canadian that did not have a stem but that he would happily  give me if i wanted it. He mentioned it used to have a propeller stem but the stem was so damaged the previous owner had threw it away and stated it was non repairable.

I told him that i would take it and see if i could find a stem for it . So he sent me this old Linkman Deluxe 9732 medium Canadian. Other than missing a stem, a slightly banged rim and being dirty the pipe was very nice. The stamping’s were in pretty nice shape as well.

I asked around on the Dr. Grabow Collector’s forum…

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