Jameson’s 9438 (GBD) Restoration

Blog entry by Al Jones

Update June 1, 2020:

Originally did a terrible job working around the stamped J stem logo.  A few months ago, I switched to a white Gel fingernail polish for stamped logos.  I found that this material is far more durable and easier to buff around than White out or white acrylic model paint

Original Article continues:

As a collector of the British made Rhodesian pipe, GBD’s iconic 9438 shape is one of my favorites and I’ve been fortunate to have found several different grades. This “Jameson’s” stamped 9438 was on eBay recently and I was surprised that it didn’t garner much attention.

Not much is known about the Jameson’s make. Pipepedia has it listed as a possible GBD second, named after famed GBD carver Horrace “Horry” Jameson. Lately a few Jameson’s boxes have popped up on eBay, prompting this thread in the British Pipes section of the PipesMagazine.com forums:


The Jameson’s box is shown below. Several have been packaged with a yellow, GBD pipe sock.



Other than some light oxidation and tar build-up on the rim, the pipe looked to be in very good condition.

Jameson's 9438_Before

Jameson's 9438_Before (1)

Jameson's 9438_Before (2)

Jameson's 9438_Before (3)

Jameson's 9438_Before (4)

There was almost no cake in the bowl, so I sanded it smooth with some 2000 grit paper. The bowl as soaked with alcohol and sea salt. While the bowl was soaking, I put a dab of grease on the “J” stem logo and soaked it in mild Oxy-Clean solution

Jameson's 9438_Before (5)

Once the soak was completed, I scrubbed the shank interior with a small bristle brush dipped in alcohol. I removed the tars from the bowl top with a cloth dipped in the Oxy-Clean solution, and then polished it with a worn piece of 12000 grit micromesh. The polished bowl top on a blasted bowl is reminiscent of the GBD “Prehistoric” finish and it is a favorite detail on those pipes.

The oxidation was removed with some 600 grit wet paper, then 1500 and 2000 grade wet papers. Next up was the 8000 and 12000 grade micromesh sheets. This work was completed with the stem mounted on the briar. I used the thin edge of a popsicle stick to work the micromesh around the stamped “J” logo.
The stem was then buffed with white diamond and Meguiars Plastic Polish.

The briar isn’t as nicely finished as a Prehistoric grade GBD and the bead rings are not consistent around the bowl. However the stem work is very good, and has a quality feel. The inner shank that fits the tenon is nicely beveled and stem fitment is excellent.

I’m happy to add this unique 9438 to my collection.

Jameson's 9438_Finished (3)

Jameson's 9438_Finished (2)


Jameson's 9438_Finished (4)


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