A Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year from rebornpipes

Blog by Steve Laug

It has been a great year for rebornpipes. The readership has grown with over 181,000 visits this year and the contributor list has also grown. The vision that I had when I began rebornpipes is becoming a reality. Many of you are not only reading the blogs but are working on pipes and then contributing to the blog what you are learning in the process. I just want to take this opportunity to thank each of you who have contributed to rebornpipes for your willingness to record your work on the pipes you have refurbished, new methods you have used and just for your love of returning old pipes back to a clean and usable condition. I also want to thank each of the readers of rebornpipes for you faithful following of the posts and blogs that are contributed. It would be great to hear from more of you in the year ahead. Why not take some photos of the pipes you are refurbishing and do a write up of your work. Send it to me at slaug@uniserve.com and I will make sure to get it online for you.

I also want to wish each of you in both groups a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. Hope you take some time in the midst of the busyness of the season to remember why we do it and to slow down enough to enjoy a few bowlfuls of your favourite tobacco in a pipe of your choice.Santa

5 thoughts on “A Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year from rebornpipes

  1. upshallfan

    God Bless you and yours Steve Laug and all the other contributors to the blog. It seems we all had a wonderful year and I wish you a safe and Merry Christmas as well.

  2. Bill

    I can’t say enough how much your blog has meant to me Steve. I follow it diligently reading every post. My very best Wishes to you and your family for a Very Merry Christmas and may the New year bring you the best of heath and happiness. Cheers!

  3. Dave

    Thank you, Steve, for all that you do. Rebornpipes contributors enriche all of us with both restoration techniques, and pipe history. Happy Holidays,and God Bless you.

  4. Jacek A. Rochacki

    Thank you so much, Dear Steve, for your kind, warm words. I am not writing recently but I read your blog with great interest and I am with you in my best thoughts and prayers.

    As always

    Jacek in Poland


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