Civic Company 1921 Trade List

Blog by Steve Laug

In the course of refurbishing some Imperial Pipes and some French Briar pipes my research unearthed this document. It is a 1921 Trade List or catalogue of Civic Pipes. The introductory page from the scan says the following:

The 1921 Price List is owned by John Adler.
All of these pages, including both sides of the cover and the flyer have been scanned as JPEG and
PDF files and lodged in the National Pipe Archive in Liverpool.
P J Davey/21 April 2010

I found the scanned document on the Academie Internationale de la Pipe website. They have a large repository of old pipe materials that I have found invaluable. I saved the document to my hard drive as a pdf and have included the pages here for others to use.
Civic 1

Civic 2

Civic 3

Civic 4

Civic 5

Civic 6

Civic 7

Civic 8

Civic 9

Civic 10

Civic 11

Civic 12

Civic 13

Civic 14

Civic 15

Civic 16

Civic 17

Civic 18

Civic 19

Civic 20

Civic 21

Civic 22


6 thoughts on “Civic Company 1921 Trade List

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  2. Michael Davis

    I have one of the mahogany showcase stands without the glass or trademarks on it, but it still has “civic pipes” off white poster saying 4/6 in it. Any idea of worth? I’m in Sydney, Australia.


  3. Carol Watt

    I was really pleased to find your article on the Civic Co. Ltd.
    While tracing my family history, I found through passenger lists that my grandfather’s brother worked for “Civic Co Ltd” as a “manufactures representative”. Between 1932 & 1939 he sailed several times between UK and Australia in this job. After the war broke out he joined the Royal Australian Navy Reserves and during his service with him sadly died.
    It has been really interesting to see your website.
    Thank you.


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