George Khoubesser and Malaga Pipes

Blog by Steve Laug

A few years ago I came across the pictures of George Khoubesser, the principal behind Malaga Pipes. I believe I was researching the pipes as I had come across a rusticated bulldog in a junk shop and wanted to know what I had. I sold that pipe and have kicked myself repeatedly for getting rid of it. I have been looking for just the right Malaga pipe since then. I thought I would share the photos and the old Malaga catalogue I have as an electronic copy.

Here are the photos of George Khoubesser


And here is the old catalogue


12 thoughts on “George Khoubesser and Malaga Pipes

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  8. Jim D.

    I was a Malaga customer when Steve K. (grandson of the founder) ran the store. Wonderful guy, and definitely had the talent. I have many Malaga pipes, and they’re wonderful. It was so sad when Steve finally closed the store, driven out of business by high tobacco taxes.

  9. Desertpipe

    I grew up about 20 miles north of George’s shop, and one of my very first pipes was one of his. Oil cured, and purchased before I had any idea of what I liked in a pipe. What I would give now to have pick up a Prince and a Dublin.

  10. upshallfan

    That Giant Scoop Arthur is wonderfu (all of those Giants are neat!)l. I had never heard of this maker. Good luck in your quest for the one you lost.


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