Considerations when buying a pipe (by Rob)

Arno posted this great article on buying a pipe on his blog. I thought it was a great read so I have reblogged it here on rebornpipes

Rob is one of the oldest and well respected members of the Dutch pipesmokers forum. He is a pensioned man who knows the ropes of life. Nonetheless he always stays positive and is an inspiration for many. Rob is a very experienced pipe smoker and he regularly writes nice pieces for the Dutch forum. This is one of them, “Considerations when buying a pipe”:

Buying a new pipe is simple. You step into the pipe shop and after some searching and comparing you pick a pipe that you think you are going to be content with.

Unfortunately / fortunately it’s not like that. Buying a pipe requires insight and a bit of experience.

How are you being received by the shop owner? Do you get coffee? Do you feel that he takes the time for you?

Are you a tobacco omnivore, or do you only smoke shag cut (in…

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1 thought on “Considerations when buying a pipe (by Rob)

  1. upshallfan

    Good sound advice here, which unfortunately can take quite a while to learn. For myself, buying a pipe is an emotional experience and I have to check some of that at the door or I`ll let the aesthetics of a pipe make my decision, versus determining if it truly fits my needs.


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