Some Refurbs South African Style – Piet Binsbergen

One of my ideas when starting rebornpipes was to have a place where folks who did refurbishing could post and interact. Today another piece of that idea is coming to fruition. I am posting a series of refurbs from a friend in South Africa – Piet Binsbergen. Last evening (my time) we connected on Skype after a long interaction via email over the past year. Here are a few of his pipes that have been restored. Following is Piet’s post and the pictures.

Hey Steve,
Good to chat with you friend. Here are some of my latest clean ups. Here is a GBD Prehistoric Prince, 1960’s, I am not a cool as you so the stem needed replacing. I am working on the Steve Laug filling trick, I may just graduate soon. I opened the air way to 4mm right through.

Here is a Peterson that I needed to sand the bowl and restain. Round 1 black to penetrate the soft wood, sand and then round two I used brown stain. I have also been pre-carbonising the bowls of late.

Next is a pipe belonging to Mark Vosseler in NY. It was his dad’s. Wanted a new stem as this one draws bad! Fitted a pre-moulded sem and added elephant ivory ring, opened airway 4mm. Sanded and re stained bowl to get rid of fills.

The last one in this lot is this GBD Concord. It was cleaned and refurbished. Restained the bowl and worked on the oxidized stem.

9 thoughts on “Some Refurbs South African Style – Piet Binsbergen

  1. Piet Binsbergen

    WOW talk about hi jacking Reborn pipes by fellow Bipsters!
    Thanks for the comments chaps!
    Thanks for stopping by.
    A magnum Italian Bowl raised to Steve Laug for the platform for restorers to share projects!

  2. Sean E. Noonan "DoverPipes"

    Where is the Parker? Hmmm?????
    Show them some of the “real goods”…………

  3. upshallfan

    Wow, nice work and lovely pictures to boot. I have a matching GBD 357 Prince with a restoration essay here,completed earlier this year. I will look forward to seeing more of your work.


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