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A Gift Package arrived in the mail yesterday – a handmade pipe rest

Blog by Steve Laug

I received a message on Facebook a few days ago from Ryan on Vancouver Island that he had put a gift in the mail for me. He said he had made it in his shop and it was on its way to me. He laughed and said he had fashioned at work one day when things were slow. It arrived in the mail in a nondescript box. When I opened it and took out the gift. It was a wrench that Ryan and bent into a pipe rest and painted with a matte black paint. It is a really nice pipe rest and one I will use regularly. Thanks Ryan for the creative gift. It is appreciated and it is being used.rest1 rest2 rest3 rest4 estella19 estella18

Restoring Two Older Bonus Walnut Pipe Stands

Blog by Steve Laug

One of the perks I picked up in the recent lot of pipes I bought off of craigslist was a walnut pipe rest and a walnut 6 pipe rack/humidor. Both of them were in decent shape. They were scuffed and worn in spots and dusty from disuse. But they were still very functional. I have wanted a two pipe rack like the one on the left of the photo for a while now to use on my desk at the office. The other six pipe rack with the humidor now resides beside my chair in the living room. I have had pipe laying in an ash tray and tins stacked next to them. I was able to put the pipes into the rack and the tins in the humidor so it was a great addition.craig4 I took a few photos of each piece before I cleaned them up to show that they were in relatively good shape for pieces this age.rack1







rack8 I worked on eth humidor/rack first. I took it apart to clean up the pieces. The sides of the humidor had removable cedar panels on the sides of the box. The bottom and top of the humidor were milk glass and both were in great shape. There as a sliding metal plate perforated with holes that held absorbent material inside that could be wetted to keep the humidor living.rack9 I scrubbed the glass on the top and the bottom with soapy water and rinsed them before drying them. The walnut rack and case I scrubbed down with Murphy’s Oil Soap and then hand buffed with a soft cotton cloth. The wood was quite soiled as can be seen from the cotton scrubbing pads in the next two photos. I was able to remove all of the grime from the wood and bring some warmth back to the finish.rack10

rack11 I put the interior of the humidor back together. There was a cardboard piece that sat between the milk glass and the wooden bottom of the box that went in first. Then the cedar pieces that went on the sides went in next. These were beveled on the bottom and sides to make for a smooth fit with no gaps. They were well cut and fit tightly together with no gaps.rack12

rack13 I slid the metal plate out of the track in the lid and scrubbed it with a damp cloth to remove the dust and tobacco bits from the surface of the metal. I buffed it with a soft cloth to bring back some shine. After I had dried it out I slid it back into place on the lid. There is a gold label on inside of the lid that reads “Made of Genuine American Walnut”.rack14


rack16 I buffed the rack and humidor by hand and took the next series of photos.rack17



rack20 I scrubbed the two pipe rest with Murphy’s Oil Soap and hand buffed it with a soft cloth. The finished pipe rest is shown in the photo below. It looks like new and has a deep warm glow to the finish again.rack21

A Few Pipe Rests – More Pieces of Tobacciana

The first of them is a great old piece that is ceramic. It has a green and yellow glaze and is the shape of an easy chair with arms and legs. It holds several sizes of pipes very comfortably. It is hollow on the inside and has a felt pad on the bottom.

The second rest is a great ceramic piece. It is an old pipe man in a track suit and runners. He is carrying a sports bag. The glaze on it is a soft pastel colour. It holds a pipe very easily and is a great rest on a desk top or in a pipe cupboard.

The third pipe rest is a resin piece. It is cast in the shape of a monk or friar. He is hold a book in his hands and is either reading or singing. I can picture him doing a Gregorian chant. The resin is a brown wood colour and has the appearance of a carving. This is one that sits on the shelf in my office/shop. From the picture I can see that I need to dust it off and clean it up.

The fourth pipe rest is a sleeping hound dog. It is also a cast resin that looks like a brown wooden carving. It also sits on the desk top and is a great place to lay a pipe when I am smoking it while I work on things. I also use it to hold pipes that I am in the process of restoring.

I have a few others but these give you a feel for some of the interesting pipe rests that are available.