A Few Pipe Rests – More Pieces of Tobacciana

The first of them is a great old piece that is ceramic. It has a green and yellow glaze and is the shape of an easy chair with arms and legs. It holds several sizes of pipes very comfortably. It is hollow on the inside and has a felt pad on the bottom.

The second rest is a great ceramic piece. It is an old pipe man in a track suit and runners. He is carrying a sports bag. The glaze on it is a soft pastel colour. It holds a pipe very easily and is a great rest on a desk top or in a pipe cupboard.

The third pipe rest is a resin piece. It is cast in the shape of a monk or friar. He is hold a book in his hands and is either reading or singing. I can picture him doing a Gregorian chant. The resin is a brown wood colour and has the appearance of a carving. This is one that sits on the shelf in my office/shop. From the picture I can see that I need to dust it off and clean it up.

The fourth pipe rest is a sleeping hound dog. It is also a cast resin that looks like a brown wooden carving. It also sits on the desk top and is a great place to lay a pipe when I am smoking it while I work on things. I also use it to hold pipes that I am in the process of restoring.

I have a few others but these give you a feel for some of the interesting pipe rests that are available.

2 thoughts on “A Few Pipe Rests – More Pieces of Tobacciana

  1. Piet Binsbergen

    Nice indeed Steve.
    I have seen these floating around our antique markets here. They go for big bucks so I tend to focus on old pipes instead!
    Very cool indeed!


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