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Sometimes new tools are as exciting as a new pipe to work on

Blog by Steve Laug

Okay, that may be overstating the case but needless to say for this pipe restorer/refurbisher new tools that I can add at different times that make my life easier and give me a chance at matching a finish or a rustication always are met with excitement. I am on the prowl for tools and methods of restoration like I am on the prowl for pipes. My newest addition came a little late for the two Savinelli pipe rims that I rusticated but they will be used soon. I have a few others that I need to work on and these will see some use. I picked up a cased assortment of burrs at a tool liquidator near my house. Just look at all the tip shapes and lengths. Can you imagine the kind of patterns that can be cut with them from the various angles I use – vertical, horizontal and diagonal? I can’t wait to see what I can do with these. Until then they go in my kit for rusticating rims and bowls with my Dremel. Had to share them with folks who might be interested. My wife and kids think it is one more step in my downward slippage into dotage. Thanks for looking and even taking a moment to let me think that it matters!Burrs