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Sometimes when you buy an estate there are bonuses

Blog by Steve Laug

I negotiated the purchase of a lot of pipes from a fellow who contacted me about his father’s estate pipes. His dad had left behind 25 pipes, two pipe racks and some pipe paraphernalia that he would send along as well. I had no idea what to expect in terms of the paraphernalia but I looked forward to seeing what he packed. I had the package shipped to Jeff in Idaho. When the box arrived my brother took pictures of the box as he opened it. It was well packed with lots of padding to keep things from being damaged in shipping. He removed the paper packing material and inside everything was individually wrapped in bubble wrap. After he removed the packed pipes and the racks there was a small cigar box that was held closed with an elastic band. It was a hinged cedar box that was stamped Medalist Naturales Mild Clear Havana. I could not wait until he opened the box.He removed the elastic band and inside an interesting assortment of pipe parts and tools. There were quite a few reamers of different brands and some other assorted items. I could see a humidifier tab that you could put in a pouch or jar, a small brush with a wooden handle and what appeared to be two small plastic containers – one with a label that looked like it had a number 5 on the top and the other a number 7. There were also some Comoy’s Stingers in the box and a boxed KleenReem Pipe Reamer. Jeff included a few photos of the opened box from different angles before he unpacked to give me a feel for what might be in store.Jeff removed the lid off the plastic box that held the KleenReem Pipe Tool. The pipe reamer rested in a formed sponge that was originally form fitted to the reamer. The sponge had disintegrated into pieces and was the tool itself was formed into the hatching on the tool.Jeff wiped off the debris from the items in the box and laid them out on the table. There were four zipper pouches for Amphora X-tra Holland pipes. There was the Kleen Reem box that had the instructions on the inside. He removed the various pipe knives from their cases and added them to the collection.I wrote him and asked him to identify the various reamers and items on the table. He sent me a list of the items with their names. I have inserted numbers in the photo below to match the list below. (The KleenReem Pipe Tool is not shown in the photo below.)

    1. The Aonian
    2. Barker Mfg. Co. Portland, OR.
    3. Richards Shefield England
    4. Cook’s Pipe Reamer Ansonia, Conn. Made in U.S.A.
    5. Pipe Cleaners that come with the KleenReem pipe reamer kit,
    6. Aztec Freshies Clay Moistener Co. NYC.
    7. Maro Stainless Steel Japan (Brown handle)
    8. Four Comoy’s stingers
    9. Made in Czechoslovakia scoop and tamper
    10. Imco’s Pipe Companion Made in U.S.A.
    11. Atmos Pipe Kit Prod. Co. N.Y.11 N.Y.
    12. Atmos Folding Pipe Reamer Made in U.S.A.
    13. Masteromet Stainless Japan
    14. No Name Made in USA file, bottle opener, and knife
    15. Dunhill Stainless Steel Made in England knife and poker.
    16. -17. Comoy’s #7 washers (8), and Comoy’s #5 washers made for Comoy’s Grand Slam pipes.

Looking at all the assorted pipe reamers and knives in the collection I was excited to see what was there. I have a quite a few reamers in my collection but none of these. I did not have many pipe knives at all so I was looking forward to adding them to the collection.