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A Call for Written Submissions

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As the founder of the rebornpipes blog I have been excited to read about the refurbishing work that many of you are doing. One of my dreams when I started the blog was to provide a place for the interchange of ideas and methods used by us amateur/hobby refurbishers. To some degree that dream is being met. There are a growing number of refurbishers who are taking the time to write up their work and share their methods here on the blog. I am so thankful for their willingness and generosity in sharing with us all.

Beyond that though it is important to realize that receiving articles from others helps to broaden the base of information available on the blog. It is great to read about your application of some of the methods that we have written about. It is encouraging to see them work for you as well as they have for us. It is also exciting to hear about your own creative solutions to the challenges in our hobby. Thank you for your work.

In this second year of the blog’s life I would love to hear from more of you. If you have articles that you have written about your work or could take the time to document what you are doing as you refurbish old estate pipes please send them to me. Or if try your hand at carving your own pipes why not submit the documentation of that work. It is a pleasure to hear from you all and to see what you are doing. I find it personally encouraging seeing the many people across the globe who are practicing our art.

Articles can be emailed to me at slaug@uniserve.com and I will put them on the blog. Articles should be written in Word or some equivalent word processing program and have the photos of the work inserted in the body of the text or at least attached with notes as to where they fit so that I can insert them for you.

Thanks for considering writing for the blog. The more the merrier who take the time to record their work and share it with others who read the blog regularly. I look forward to hearing from more of you. Why not join the ranks of those who are posting their work here on the blog. Share your skills and learning with us. Though our writers are not paid (neither am I) it is rewarding to be able to share our information with fellow pipemen across the globe and to hear from them.