Worth Repairing? Salvaging a Seriously Cracked Lorenzetti Titus

Charles I love the way you sewed the crack together on this one. The methodology is unique and I wanted to share it with the readers on rebornpipes. Thank you!

Cost is almost always a prime consideration when it comes to estate pipe repairs. As I and other pipe restorers have proven more than once, virtually every estate pipe is repairable if the will to do so exists; whether the repair is worth the cost is a very different question, and the answer is very often “It depends.” Is the pipe a sentimental favourite or family heirloom? What is the cost of replacement compared to repair? Does the pipe have intrinsic value to other pipe smokers or collectors? Will the repaired pipe be used personally or sold on to a new steward?

These are some of the questions that ultimately led to the decision by its steward to discard today’s estate pipe project. With a long list of needed repairs and a Canadian retail price of about $80CAD, the cost of the work simply outpaced the value of this Lorenzetti…

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