A Challenging Refinish of a Vuillard Concorde 3S of St. Claude Chubby Billiard

Nice work on that one. I have not used the putty for fills. It is hard to see in the photos but I am assuming the coverage holds the colour but is flat. Is that right. Thanks Dal for posting this.

The Pipe Steward

I acquired this French made Vuillard Concorde Chubby Billiard in January 2017 from a seller in Giussago, Italy.  It was part of an interesting lot of 4 pipes which caught my attention.  The other 3 pipes were a Denicotea De Luxe Regatta, a Chacom Radford’s Seventy-Six, and a Machiavelli Cambio.  The final bid was sufficient, and the pipes came to Sofia, Bulgaria, where my wife and I were living.  The pipes were added to the For “Pipe Dreamers” ONLY! collection benefiting the Daughters of Bulgaria. Here is the Lot of 4 from Italy:This is the 4th pipe in pipe man Mike’s trove of commissions.  The Vuillard Concorde that got Mike’s attention I’m calling a Chubby.  Looking at it in the picture above, the 3rd pipe down, the size of the bowl in relation to the other pipes and the shorter saddle stem stature, gives the Vuillard…

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