Breathing New life into an Elegant French Algerian Briar Canadian

Nice work on a beautiful pipe. Thanks Dal

The Pipe Steward

There’s something about the Canadian shape, and all its cousins, that is profoundly appealing to my pipe man eye.  If I were to guess why this is the case, I would say that the long shank lines draw the attention to the elegant simplicity of the Canadian.  Even though the house name is absent from this French made Canadian, the stately 6 and 3/4 inches stretch got my attention.  The eBay listing was from a seller in Cave City, Arkansas, and when the bidding was finished, the Canadian was on its way to join other pipes in the ‘For “Pipe Dreamers” ONLY!’ collection available for pipe men and women to commission.  Here are pictures of the French Algerian Briar Canadian from Cave City:The nomenclature is stamped on the upper shank in the middle, ALGERIAN BRIAR [over] MADE IN FRANCE.  There are no other marks identifying the pipe.I just…

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