Appreciating the Story of an Edward’s Algerian Briar Sculpted Square Panel

Good job Dal. Great history on the brand. I have restored quite a few Edwards pipes and have a few in the queue but I have never seen one like that one. Very nice.

The Pipe Steward

The next pipe on the worktable was also commissioned by Darren who found this pipe in the ‘For “Pipe Dreamers” ONLY!’ collection benefitting the Daughters of Bulgaria.  I acquired this expressive pipe in September 2017 along with 65 five of his fellows in what I have called the Lot of 66.  Over the years, many of these pipes have been restored and are now enjoying new homes with stewards who saw them and commissioned them.  The Lot of 66 was an estate collection that had been donated to a charity in Georgetown, Texas, called the ‘Caring Place’ (see: which describes its mission as:  providing for basic human needs of all people in our community in a welcoming, respectful and caring way.  The byline below the picture of the Lot of 66 on the eBay listing got my attention: Huge Lot Of 66 Smoking Pipes Pre-Owned Pre-Smoked and…

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