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A Sears & Roebuck ‘Yorkshire Standard’ Sculpted Pot Comes Back to Life

Give this blog a read. Dal has done a great job bringing this old timer to a new life. Well done Dal.

The Pipe Steward

Pipe man Darren has commissioned several pipes from the ‘For “Pipe Dreamer” ONLY!’ collection benefitting the Daughters of Bulgaria – helping women and girls who have been trafficked and sexually exploited. I appreciate Darren who appreciates vintage pipes and loves to see them restored as much as I do!  Darren is from Pennsylvania and Daniel, a fellow member of the Chester County Cigar Club – Holy Smokes had commissioned a pipe (See:  Refreshing a Beldor Studio Mini Churchwarden Paneled Apple of Saint Claude) and through Daniel, Darren became aware of The Pipe Steward.  Darren chose another interesting pipe.  Here are pictures of the Yorkshire Standard Sculpted Pot. The nomenclature on the left flank of the shank is stamped in what appears to be an old English font slightly arched upwardly, ‘Yorkshire’ [over] STANDARD [over in a reversed downward arch] ALGERIAN BRIAR.  I could find no other markings on the…

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