Reviving and Re-Stemming a Vintage Brigham 384 Squire

Charles is one of few who actually make new stems and know how to insert the Brigham system in place and set the dots. Well done Charles.

A fellow pipe lover here in Ontario sent me a couple of old friends for a bit of TLC. One of those pipes is this 1980’s vintage Brigham 384 Squire. This round-bottomed bent brandy shape was introduced to the Brigham lineup in the 1970s and quickly became a fan favourite. This particular example was certainly a favourite of its current steward. It had been well-smoked but was definitely overdue for some maintenance.

As this series of pictures illustrate, besides needing a good overall cleaning, the pipe had some significant issues that would need to be dealt with as part of the restoration effort. First and foremost, the original stem had been bitten off at the button and would need to be replaced. The chamber carried a fair amount of old cake, as did the stem/shank junction. The buildup here prevented the stem from seating properly at the shank. Adding to…

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