Giving New Life to a Classic French Billiard – A Butz Choquin Régate 1601 of St. Claude

Here is Dal’s next installment… well done. He has me thinking about finishes a lot right now and working through in my mind the difference between a complete refinish like Dal does extremely well and a restoration of an old finish… no answers yet but still thinking.

The Pipe Steward

The next pipe on the worktable is a handsome Butz Choquin Régate . I acquired this pipe in August of 2018 from an eBay seller in Paris. It was part of what I have called the French Lot of 50 which has produced many treasures, many of which are now with new stewards. The full straight Billiard has striking and expressive grain which is begging to come out. This pipe got Darren’s attention in the For “Pipe Dreamers” Only! collection and he commissioned it along with several other pipes – all benefitting the Daughters of Bulgaria – helping women and girls who have been trafficked and sexually exploited. Darren is from Pennsylvania and is part of a church that has supported our work in Europe for years. He is also part of an active pipe club in his region which I hope to visit one day! Here are pictures of…

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