Comoy’s Old Bruyere Bulldog Restoration

By Al Jones

This Shape 4 straight bulldog in Old Bruyere finish was on my work bench at the same time as a Shape 5, which also was stamped Old Bruyere. This one had the smooth finish , which I thought was typical for that grade. The pipe has the drilled “C” stem logo. The pipe was really in excellent overall finish, and the stem in particular looked very lightly used. It had a very dark, almost purple stain. The Shape 4 is slightly smaller than the Shape 5. There was a slight build-up on the bowl top. Below is the pipe as it was received.

I reamed the slight cake out of the bowl, and which was in excellent condition. I used some worn Scotchbrite to remove the bowl-top buildup. The bowl still had the beveled edge and the beadlines were perfect. The pipe was soaked in sea salt and alcohol. After the bowl soak, the stem was mounted and I used 800, 1500, and 2000 grade wet paper to bring back the shine. Next up was 8000 and 12000 grade micromesh sheets. The stem was then polished by machine with White Diamond and Meguiars Plastic Polish. The bowl was buffed lightly with White Diamond and Carnuba wax.

Below is the finished pipe.

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