Dunhill Pipe Refurb

Kaitlyn did an amazing job on this Dunhill restoration. I wanted to share it here on rebornpipes and encourage folks to check out her blog. Well done Kaitlyn.

Briar Babe

Ooooweeeee! I got this pipe 2-3 years ago in a lot I bought on eBay. I kept putting off the refurb because it looked like a no-name pipe to me. Upon closer inspection, I found that the stem had a dot on it. The dot looked yellow because of the severity of the oxidation to the stem. But after I found the dot, I whipped out my trusty magnifying glass and took a closer look at the writing on the bottom of the bowl/shank. I could make out a “Du” and “England” and a few numbers. I thought to myself, could it be? Is it possible that this is a Dunhill? It is indeed! Here are the goods:

Dunhill 1Dunhill 2

Those first two pics I took on the fly and prior to a bleach bath for the stem. Here is after the bleach bath:


After the bleach bath on the stem…

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1 thought on “Dunhill Pipe Refurb

  1. Q. M. Sidd

    Just a quick question sir. What can be used as a substitute for obsidian oil? Does extra-virgin olive oil does the same job? If not, is there some DIY workaround? Or will I have to buy some stem oil or polish in any case? Kindly let me know.. thanks


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