Old England (Sasieni) 771R Restoration

By Al Jones

Sasieni second line pipes pop up occasionally on Ebay and I find them to be a great value. My experience with many second line pipes (Comoy’s, etc.) is that the stem material and construction choices are inferior to their first line offerings. Sasieni second line stems seem to be first rate.

This pipe was in very good condition as found. The bowl interior was well cared for and oxidation on the stem was minimal. This one has the arched, “Made in England” Country-Of-Manufacture mark (COM) as used by Sasieni between 1946 and 1979. There isn’t much else available on the Old England line, as to when manufacture would began and ceased.

Sasieni second line pipes appear to be rusticated in a unique way, different from their Four Dot “Rustic” finish.

I used a worn piece of scotch-brite pad to touch up the bowl top. That lightened the stain, so I used some Feiblings Medium Brown to color match it to the bowl. The bowl was soaked with alcohol and sea salt.

The oxidation on the stem was removed with 800 grit wet paper, followed by 1,500 and 2,000 grades. 8,000 and 12,000 grade micromesh sheets were next, followed by a buff with White Diamond rouge and Meguiars Plastic Polish.

I used Halycon wax to hand finish the bowl.

Below is the finished pipe.



1 thought on “Old England (Sasieni) 771R Restoration

  1. ThePipeSteward - Dal in Bulgaria

    Thanks, Al. I always enjoy the factoids you add. You said that this pipe had been soaked in alcohol and sea salt. Do you know this by the appearance of the stummel or your research? Thanks!


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