Pipe Smokers’ Laws – Borrowed with Appreciation

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For once I have a contribution to make, which I am so grateful to have chanced upon while surfing the Web for something I no longer even remember (and said forgotten search therefore being of no consequence), that needs no opening quote or official introduction.  I have no idea what category this offering falls under but doubt the change to my typical format will be met with anything less than approval and pleasure by the majority of this forum’s readers and contributors.  My  only request – call it a suggestion, if you prefer – is that the following list, courtesy of the Ozark Pipe Smokers of Rogers, AR, USA, be given a thorough reading with all due sobriety and gravity.  And I hereby move for its formal adoption by all pipe clubs, everywhere.  Anyone wishing to second the motion may do so by commenting below.

11 thoughts on “Pipe Smokers’ Laws – Borrowed with Appreciation

  1. VinnyT

    Number 5 is GOOD !!! It’s important to learn to Lie with a straight face–No quivering eyes–facial twitching or other classic ‘ Lying my Ass off ‘ signs. Important skills when Boss Lady (wife) demands to know how much those cigars/tins of tobacco cost !! !! !!

    1. Robert M. Boughton

      #5 is my favorite, also. The first part of #1 is a standing rule at my pipe club; as for fondling and ogling other members’ pipes goes, our etiquette requires asking first though I’m not sure fondling would be approved. I also like #4, which reminds me of Chuck Richards, my mentor emeritus, who has always railed about the toxicity of woods used there, including jichi mu, better known as Chinese Chicken Wing Wood, about which I differ. And on and on! Any seconds to my motion?


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