Improving a Kaywoodie Relief Grain 51

Troy shows how to open not only the airway into the bowl on this older KW but also how to open the stinger without ruining it. Well done.

Baccy Pipes

I saw this Kaywoodie Relief Grain 51 on Ebay while i was searching for another pipe.s-l1600 (640x480).jpg

Being a fan of the 51 shape i went ahead and bid on  it. It looked in excellent shape. I have noticed that some relief grains are stained red like this one. The ones i have are a darker natural , which i prefer over the stained ones.

The pipe arrived a few days later and was pleasantly surprised to find the pipe had not even really been broken in. Maybe one or two bowls had been smoked in it. The 51 shape was not made past 1966 making the pipe at least 49 years old. Being a three hole stinger it’s from early-mid  1950’s to 1966.100_0464 (640x393).jpg100_0465 (640x430).jpg100_0468 (640x480).jpg

I was disappointed though that  the shape was not closer to my 1930’s 5051 push stem .100_0474 (640x477).jpg

This one was longer and just not as just not as pleasing…

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