A 1940’s Brigham Churchwarden for the Collection

This is the first Brigham Churchwarden I have ever seen. Charles did his usual great job. Thought I would share it with you all!

Happy New Year, everyone! It has taken me a bit longer than anticipated to get rolling on restorations and other posts for 2017. Surgery just before Christmas and renovations to my pipe room throughout December have delayed such endeavours until now, but I’m finally able to get back in the saddle and I’m itching to share a fresh pile of estate pipes that has been building since November!

For this first post of 2017 I’ve selected a pipe I acquired over the Holidays. It’s both very familiar and compellingly unique for me – familiar because it’s a Brigham pipe; unique because it is a factory churchwarden! Here it is as listed on eBay:

Brigham CW 1 Never having seen a Brigham churchwarden (nor any reference to one’s availability) before, I was somewhat skeptical going into this.  Could it be genuine or was the long stem more likely an aftermarket modification?

A few questions to…

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