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Early Van Roy Arista “Selected Briar” Adjustamatic Refurbish

Great information from Troy on alternative woods used in pipes in the US.

Baccy Pipes

I picked up this early Van Roy Arista off Ebay .
Van Roy pipes started around 1944-1945 .They were headquartered out of the Empire State building. They were the first pipe to use the Adjustamatic stem. HL&T (Dr.Grabow ) purchased the company around 1949 and used the Adjustamatic exclusively on the Dr. Grabow pipes. All Van Roy’s after that used a push stem ,so Van Roy Adjustamatics were only made for around 4- 5 years. I could not find out if  Van Roy had their own pipe manufacturing facility . Most likely they had production of the pipes made by different pipe makers like Mastercraft did.
This one i believe is a very early model made at the end of the war, because its a non imprted briar pipe.They must have started production before imported brair was again available to American pipe makers. I would guess my pipe is no…

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