Uncovering the Vintage of a Paul Viou Half Bent Billiard of Saint Claude

Once again Dal works his magic on what was an ugly duckling and gives birth to a beautiful “swan”. Well done

The Pipe Steward

I acquired the ‘French Lot of 50’ in August of 2018, from a seller in Paris.  It has contained many treasures which are now in the possession of many pipe men and women who commissioned them from the ‘For “Pipe Dreamers” ONLY!’ collection benefitting the work of the Daughters of Bulgaria – helping women and girls who have been trafficked and sexually exploited. My wife and I were founders of this effort during our 15 years living and working in Bulgaria.  Even though we no longer are there, I’m privileged to help support this ongoing work through the pipes I restore and then sell to pipe men and women worldwide. The subtitle posted on the home page of The Pipe Steward website is, ‘Restoring Pipes and Reclaiming Lives’.

Here is a picture of the French Lot of 50 that has benefited the Daughters a great deal!  Yet, another pipe…

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