Pipe Hunting with my brother in Alberta

Blog by Steve Laug

Over a period of 11 days this month I was traveling for work in Alberta. My brother Jeff and his wife Sherry joined me in Southern Alberta so they could go with me on the trip visiting donors – both individuals and corporates that support the Foundation that I work for. Between our various appointments we visited local antique malls and shops from Lethbridge to Edmonton and in many small communities in between. We were on a personal mission to hunt down estate pipes in as many of the antique malls and shops as we could visit. We had a great time on the trip visiting people and in our off time hunting and finding some great pipes.

The first stop on our way south to Lethbridge was in a small community called Nanton. There are 5 or 6 antique shops and malls in the small town that advertises itself as an Antique stroll. Walking through the shops we found some interesting additions as shown in the photo below. The piece on the left is a porcelain/china Carlton Ware – Vert Royale combination rest and ash tray. The pipes from top to bottom are a Savinelli 320KS pipe stamped Knudson’s Pipe Dream, a C.P.F. Junior Twin Stem, a WDC Redmanol stem bent triangle shank billiard and a large Peterson style or WDC Wellington style pipe that is missing the ferrule and the stem. These first pipe finds set the stage for the rest of the trip.We continued the trip south. The next stop was an Antique shop in Lethbridge. I have stopped by that shop a lot of times over the years and other than one or two pipes now and then I had not found much worth picking up. This time it was a real surprise – there were a lot of estate pipes that were in racks on shelves on the walls and on shelves around the centre of the store. The left column from top to bottom includes an Amphora Sandblast Bulldog, a James Upshall P Grade Dublin with a Sterling Silver Band and a long straight stem, an Isle of Man Rusticated Bent billiard with a Peterson style system pipe, a Kiko Meerschaum Prince made of African Meer. The right hand column from top to bottom includes a Great Britain Block Meerschaum Author with a flumed top and an oval stem, a second Great Britain Block Meerschaum Zulu with a flumed top and an oval stem and an interesting looking Morel author in much the same style as the first block meerschaum mentioned above. Once again these were some great finds.After being house bound an extra day due to record snows for the area we headed north. I had appointments in communities between Calgary and Edmonton. The first stop on the northern trip was in Airdrie. There is a large antique mall there that had always provided me with some good estate pipes. We found five pipes during our walk through the shop – four briar ones and one meerschaum. Starting in the left column from the top down is a Leonard Payne Classic billiard that is a bit like Keyser Hygienic pipes out of South Africa, a Ben Wade Spiral sandblast with a twist in the shank and the stem, a sandblast Parker Zulu, a Butz Choqin stamped Optimal (des J Colombo) and a Redmanol stemmed Meerschaum billiard with a flumed bowl top.We also made a stop at an antique shop in Innisfail and found a very interesting old pipe that was in a case. It was not like any other old cased pipes that I have worked on. It combined a lace briar carved bowl with a meerschaum insert inside. There was a broken amber stem and a filigreed brass coloured cone shaped band. There was no tenon on the stem piece or in the shank. The oval stem chunk was fitted in the band was held in place against the shank with the band. The pipe was a beauty sporting carving in the briar that was a mix of vines around the bowl sides and bottom with a carved goat’s head on the front of the bowl.We spent the night in Red Deer and met with contacts that I had in the area. We also visited a pipe shop while were there. We picked up a patent applied for Kool Smoke Metal pipe that is shown in the group photos below.  The next stop on our way north was Lacombe. We had a lunch meeting with one of my contacts and his wife. While we were waiting we visited a local antique mall. We found the first two pipes shown in the left column of the photo below. The top one is stamped Made in Greece and is barely smoked. The second pipe is a unique system pipe from the 30-40s stamped Ken’s Patent Pending. The rest of the pipes came from two different Antique Malls in Edmonton. The third pipe in the first column is a nice little Canadian with a short stem. It has no stamping on the shank but the stem has an orific slot. The fourth pipe is a Charatan’s Make Special. The second column from top to bottom includes a GBD Pierrot 110 or 440, Lords London Made on the left side and Mike’s Edmonton 4811 on the right side, and an MRC military bit billiard. The third column (one on the right from top to bottom) includes an English Made Kaywoodie Airway pipe with a push stem with a stinger without holes and an integrated wind cap, an Eric Nording Meerschaum Pot with a Military bit and a Svendborg Sand blast Brandy with a vulcanite shank extension and a Military Bit stem. The pipe at the bottom between the two columns is a Canadian made Brigham 4 dot Rhodesian. We continued our meetings and pipe hunting through several other Antique Malls in Edmonton and an Antique Show at a local hotel. The pipes found are shown in the photo below. These include from the left column top to bottom a diamond shank bent billiard stamped Bruyere Garantie, a smooth finished Big Ben Crosley apple, a Nording Denmark Freehand with a turned fancy stem, a Canadian Made Freehand by the Paradis Brothers stamped SC, and a second Big Ben Crosley – a sandblast apple. The second column from top to bottom includes a Jeantet Bent Panel Rhodesian, a Bromma Swedish Gutta Percha pipe with a tall wood bowl, a Stanwell Hand Made Bark Billiard with the wrong stem, a Capri Italian Made Sandblast Billiard and Big Ben Sand Grain Billiard. The last item in the photo on the right side of the photo is a metal pipe rest that is quite interesting.At the end of the ten days, Jeff and Sherry were packed and ready to drive back to Idaho. I had a couple more days to go before I left. While they packed we divided the spoils and Jeff took 26 of the pipes home to work on with his cleanup process. I took 14 of the pipes that I had already cleaned up or were in relatively good condition. The first photo shows the pipes that Jeff brought home. Included in the lot was a metal KoolSmoke with a Patent applied for number on the base (it is the third pipe down in the middle column of the first photo below) that we found during our hunt in the Antique Malls in Red Deer. The second and third photos show the pipes that I brought home. Included in the second photo is a pipe stamped Moonshine Spanish Brandy with an oval shank that Jeff had picked up in Great Falls, Montana on his way north to Alberta (it is pictured in the second photo, the second pipe down in the far right column). It is lightly smoked and in excellent condition. From the collection of pipes shown in the above photos you can see that it was a great pipe hunt. We could have hunted for a few more days but ran out of time. We agreed that we would need to do it again and pick up where we had left off. Keep an eye out as the pipes are restored and begin to show up on the rebornpipes online store. Thanks for giving the blog a read. Good hunting to all who read this blog.

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