Sasieni Windsor Bulldog Restoration (Danzey)

By Al Jones

The Windsor is one of Sasieni’s second or sub-brands. I’ve not found any documentaiton of the difference between a second line and a sub-brand but I suspect that pipes stamped “By Sasieni” are second lines. So, I’ll assume the Windsor, which first bears the Sasieni stamp is a sub-brand. These pipes aren’t often as finished as nicely as a first line pipe. This bulldog lacks the bead lines that would be found on a Four Dot in that shape. The pipe is stamped with the shape number 79, which later became the “Danzey” shape when Sasieni began using town names. I’ve found that stems on Sasieni second or sub-brand lines is nearly equal to those used on Four Dot pipes.

The briar had a very rugged finish. I wasn’t sure if it was a sandblast or rustication, perhaps even a mix of the two.  A 1976 Sasieni price list shows the Windsor as a sandblast.

Unfortunately, on delivery, I found that the pipe had a crack in the shank.

The seller offered me a refund and told me to keep the pipe. At first, I was tempted to throw it in a drawer but the rest of it was in such great shape, I decided it was worthy of a nickel band. I never picked up a band kit, so I sent the pipe to Norwood Pipe Repair. Ken said he could use a band that would not obscure any of the nomenclature. Norwood is always does a fast turn around and the pipe was repaired and sent out a day later. Once banded, the stem/tenon fitment was nice and snug.

Once I had the bowl back, I reamed the cake and soaked the bowl with alcohol and sea salt. Norwood had removed the oxidation on the stem and polished it to a nice shine. I always like to put my own finish on an estate stem, so it was finished with 800, 1,500 and 2,000 grade wet paper. Followed by 8,000 and 12,000 micromesh sheets. The stem was then buffed with White Diamond and Meguiars Plastic Polish.

I hand polished the bowl with Halycon wax.

Below is the finished pipe.



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