A Mastercraft Pipe Lines Hierarchy

Blog by Steve Laug

One of the things I am always looking for online is information on the various lines of a brand of pipes. I have been working on one for Marshall Field Pipes and an amended one for other little known American lines. It is just something I do when I clean up pipes. I collect the data until I get a pretty comprehensive list. So when I found the little Mastercraft pot stamped Executive Choice it was a pretty natural thing for me to hunt down information regarding where it stood in the hierarchy of the brand. Not only do I find the information a fun part of the process for me I also find that understanding its place in the list of pipes made by a particular company gives me the desired background colour in the pipes I restore. It can give me much needed details regarding the stains and finishes used in a particular line. Here is the list Mastercraft pipes what I have called the Mastercraft Pipe Lines Hierarchy.

MASTERCRAFT PIPE LINES HIERARCHY (arranged from highest to lowest price)

If you happen to have either examples of any of the pipes on the list or additions or corrections please post them here.

3 thoughts on “A Mastercraft Pipe Lines Hierarchy

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  3. rebornpipes Post author

    Chris/flatticus wrote: Picked up a stemless pipe on eBay this morning called a “Seville”, brief research shows it to be a Mastercraft pipe. They didn’t make it, but rather imported it from Gigi in Varese, Italy in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Came in Regular, Filter, Convertible, and Lucite models, and was popular enough that Grabow later started making their own, and apparently the same shapes as Hillcrests. By the mid-80s they were evidently all getting made here.


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