An Orlik Pipe Shape Booklet

Blog by Steve Laug

If you have followed rebornpipes for any length of time you know that I love older Orlik pipes and have restored and/or repaired many. I have several older Orlik Dugout cased pipes in my collection. The pipes are to my eye quintessential British pipes in classic shapes and styles. They are well made and have a lot of charm to them. The ones that I have vary between small (Group 1-2 Dunhill sizes) to medium (Group 2-3 Dunhill sizes). Needless to say when this booklet was posted on the Pipe Club of Brasil Facebook Group by Victor C. Naddeo who is the Administrator of that group I snagged a copy. To me it not only provides some of the background history that is hard to find on these pipes but also a wishbook of shapes that I would love to add to the collection. I decided to preserve it on rebornpipes. The shape book is a great addition to my historical documents section on the blog. Thank you Victor for posting this and the other booklets that you have been sharing. I am really enjoying the current batch of posts that you are putting on the Pipe Club Brasil Group. I invite others to check out the group on Facebook. Here is the link:

2 thoughts on “An Orlik Pipe Shape Booklet

  1. Lowell Nussey

    Thanks for posting the Orlik material. This info on Orlik is hard to come by. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for such info for several years, without much luck. I have only one Orlik that I picked up for $7.00 almost 20 years ago at a flea market near St. Catherine’s ON. It was in rough shape and looked like it had spent a long time languishing in a damp basement. At that point in time I didn’t know anyone like yourself who refurbished pipes, so I called the Brigham factory over on Ripley Ave. to see is they could help. They said sure, bring it over, so when making a pastoral visit at a hosp. not far from there,( Yes I’m a retired pastor ) I dropped the pipe off at Brigham’s. I think they were still finishing pipes at their shop at that time and they had a small, mostly female staff. I picked the pipe up a couple of weeks later and was amazed at how they had brought it back to life. Aside from a couple of small nicks on the inner rim, it looked new. I have had no luck in dating the pipe, but I’m guessing it is from the 50’s or 60’s. It is an Orlik natural, shape # TN504T. It has a metal inner tube type tennen that is securely fastened to the bit. I guess these little mysteries are part of what makes pipe collecting fun. Thanks for all your informative blogs.

    1. rebornpipes Post author

      Thank you Lowell, like you I am a fan of these pipes. I too am a pastor (now serving in an NGO rather than a parish). Not sure if or when I will retire though as I am moving close to my 65th year I can feel the compulsion. Thanks also for the kind comments on the blog.


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