Fixed a Stem Gap on an Ashton

This Ashton Sovereign was purchased as an estate, and I’ve owned it for several years. The pipe smokes great and the size is perfect (XX). I’m not sure if the stem is acrylic or “Ashtonite” as Jimmy Craig seems to use both materials. The pipe had a fairly large gap at the top of the stem that has bothered me since I took it out of the shipping box and every time I smoke it. Here’s a shot of the pipe which shows the gap.


This morning, I decided to try and re-angle the tenon to reduce the gap. I warmed some water in our Sunbeam “Hotshot” water heater. I dipped the tenon in the water, right to the edge of the stem and held it in for about 30 seconds. I inserted the stem into the shank and it went snugly up to the shank. This evening it appears my fix held.

I was surprised that the hot water made the stem very dull and at first I was worried that it might be permanent. I was able to buff that section of the stem (mounted to the pipe) with some White diamond rouge, which brought back the shine.

Ashto_Stem_Fix (2)


Ashto_Stem_Fix (1)

5 thoughts on “Fixed a Stem Gap on an Ashton

  1. upshallfan Post author

    I wish that I had done this two years ago. Every time I picked the pipe up, the gap bothered me.
    I should have taken a picture of the discoloration, it was almost like oxidation and could difficult to polish back to black.

  2. Dave

    Thanks for sharing this “quick fix” Al. I had no idea that so few steps (and attempts) would achieve the desired results. Good job….Great pipe….my favorite shape also.


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